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Effective May 30, 2022 Inmate Visitation Plan

Visitation privileges will be extended to all inmates confined in the Potter County Detention Center (unless revoked for disciplinary reasons)

An inmate shall be allowed to have two twenty minute in-person, non-contact visits per calendar week (a week beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday). At least one visitation period shall be during evenings.

  1. 0830AM  to 1130AM - Monday thru Friday

  2. 1830PM to 2130PM - Monday thru Friday

  3. Monday - Inmates with last name beginning with A THRU D

  4. Tuesday - Inmates with last name beginning with E THRU J

  5. Wednesday - Inmates with last name beginning with K THRU N

  6. Thursday - Inmates with last name beginning with O THRU R

  7. Friday - Inmates with last name beginning with S THRU Z

Only two adults or one adult with children, under the age of sixteen, will be allowed to visit at a time.

Person who have been in jail during the last 6 months shall not be allowed to visit. 

The following shall be exceptions:

1. The visitor is the inmate's legal spouse, parent or child and prior authorization has been given by the shift supervisor.

Special visits will not be allowed except in the case of a confirmed emergency such as a serious illness or death in the immediate family. Special visits involving travel over 150 miles may be reviewed on a case by case basis by the supervisor on duty. All special visits require approval from the supervisor on duty. No more than two special visits will be allowed within a thirty day period and at he discretion of the facility supervisor. Shift supervisor can be reached at 806-335-4100.



The Potter County Detention Center introduced Inmate Programs on February 3, 2017. Inmate Programs allow inmates the opportunity to begin the process of change, as well as, use their time wisely. A variety of classes are offered including, but not limited to:

  • Life Skills: an ongoing group designed to teach general life skills to help with everyday life. Topics focus on positive, healthy coping skills.

  • Illness, Management and Recovery (IMR): intensive small group designed to target individuals with mental health concerns.

  • Houses of Healing: intensive small group designed to target individuals interested in emotional healing.

  • Seeking Safety: intensive small group designed to target females with trauma and substance abuse issues.

  • Sharing Hope: a program to assist women who are incarcerated in recovery and overcoming their destructive behavior by sharing God's love and hope through the teaching of His Word and through the equipping of life skills. This organization is statewide in 49 states and has been very successful in its work with inmates across our state. The Potter County Sheriff's Office holds a Chili Fundraiser each year in support of the wonderful work Sharing Hope does for the women incarcerated here in our facility.

As of January 2020, we have had 174 inmates graduate from the small intensive groups and many more attend general life skills classes on a regular basis.

We also offer GED classes, since February 15, 2017. We have had several take advantage of the opportunity. Since we have had 2 graduate with several on the verge of graduation. The great thing is that the program we use if they get out of jail they can go to any computer and continue that education.












Inmates can receive money through Access Corrections Secure Deposits. Here's what you need to know to successfully send money:

1) Go to and create an account where money can be deposited for the inmate online.

2) If you have any questions, contact (866) 345-1884. Someone is available 24/7.

3) In the Detention Center Visitation Lobby, you'll find a kiosk that accepts cash, debit and credit cards.

4) In the Detention Center Visitation Lobby or the LEC, we also accept Money Orders that include the inmate's SO#.

5) The kiosk will NOT take a prepaid credit or debit card.

6) The kiosk will only accept US denominations of $5 or above and will NOT give change back.

7) The visitation officer does NOT make change or keep change in their office.




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