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Agility Course

(Non-civilian employees only) 

One of the most common questions we are asked has to do with the "Physical Agility Test" that must be passed before the hiring process can be completed. While not designed to be impossible to pass, it does manage to test strength, balance and endurance. All of these traits are vital for someone looking to enter this type of occupation so we like to ensure all our applicants can meet a minimum level of fitness.

To give a more visual idea as to what is required for this portion of the hiring process, we have included some photographs of recent applicants going through the agility tests.

Testing starts in the classroom.
The next stage starts outside.
Candidates must be able to scale a four foot wall.
Next, they must be able to scale a six foot wall.
We then move to the balance beam...
...and carry a 100 lb. dummy.

The photos above do not show all of the required events, but they should give you an idea as to what we put our applicants through. The tests do not require any prior knowledge in police tactics or martial arts abilities. They simply allow the applicant to show us they they are in good physical condition.




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